Thursday, November 08, 2012

Two important NZ history titles being launched in Dunedin next Monday

Webs of Empire 
Tony Ballantyne
BWB - $49.99

Spread across the nineteenth-century colonial world was a tangled web of cultural and economic networks. In groundbreaking research, Tony Ballantyne positions New Zealand within these ‘webs of empire’, connecting Gore and Chicago, Māori and Asia, India and newspapers, whalers and writing.

Treaty of Waitangi Settlements
Edited by Nicola R. Wheen and Janine Hayward
BWB  - $49.99

The settlement of iwi claims under the Treaty of Waitangi has been a prominent feature of New Zealand’s political landscape over the last thirty years. It has drawn international attention, as other nations seek ways to build new relationships between indigenous peoples and the state. As the settlement of historical claims draws toward a close, this timely book considers the achievements and controversies of Treaty settlements over the years.

Both of these titles will be launched at The Dunningham Suite, Dunedin City Library at 5.30pm, Monday 12 November 2012

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