Monday, November 19, 2012


RRP: $55.00 - New Holland

Format: 304mm x 215 mm

Extent: 288 pages

 Alison Holst has been inspiring New Zealand vegetarians in the kitchen for nearly 50 years, and she returns with another fantastic collaboration with her son Simon. The Holst’s vegetarian cookbooks – Very Easy Vegetarian, Meals without Red Meat and Meals without Meat, which has sold over 250,000 copies – have been dependable kitchen companions to a wide range of Kiwi cooks for years.

       This Ultimate Vegetarian Collection (being launched at Cook the Books this evening) is a compilation of the best from all their books – in one chunky volume with over 400 recipes and tips in one volume. It will appeal to both vegetarians and meat eaters, and to those who want to cut down their meat consumption and those who are looking for the perfect dish to make for their vegetarian friends and family. The Holsts’ focus on economical and easy – but tasty – meals is carried through in this collection.
      With over 400 hundred classic recipes, divided into 14 chapters, such as: breakfasts, light lunches, beans, pulses and tofu, pies and pastries, and desserts and sweets, there is something for everyone – even the meatiest meat eater! The beginning of the book provides a useful nutritional and pantry guide, and a glossary and comprehensive weights and measures guide is included for quick reference. This superb vegetarian collection is a must-have in every Kiwi home.

In 2011 Alison completed her 100th book (30 co-authored with Simon), the sales of these total  in excess of 4.3 million copies (sales of our joint titles are over 1.7 million copies).  She has also contributed to various newspaper columns and TV shows over the years Alison Holst QSM CBE, New Zealand’s long-reigning culinary queen, has achieved both national and international recognition.

Simon Holst is rapidly gaining a similar reputation for his food knowledge and expertise, having written Simon Holst’s Pasta Cookbook and Fast and Fantastic. He has also co-authored two other books with his mother, Dollars and Sense and Meals Without Red Meat and appears regularly on TVNZ’s Good Morning show.

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