UK news publisher Telegraph Media Group (TMG) is the latest to try two vogeuish flavours of reader payment – metered access, and charging overseas readers.

The company today begins charging £1.99 per ($3.20) month for up to 20 Telegraph articles via website and mobile app, and £9.99 ($16) per month for full tablet access.
But, while UK mobile and tablet apps already require subscriptions at those prices, UK web access will remain free. This move simply extends the mobile and tablet subscriptions overseas and introduces a web meter there.
TMG has spent a year or two deliberating its paid content strategy. The result is coherent…
About 62 percent of The Telegraph‘s 51 million unique monthly web visitors are from overseas.

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The Bookman is sad about this as I regularly bring book news via links to The Telegraph to readers of this blog.. I gain no income at all from my blog hence I will not be subscribing to The Telegraph. So farewell Daily Telegraph it's been good to know you.