Friday, November 23, 2012

Text Publishing write to Santa

Dear Santa:

All right, fatty, here's the skinny. It's been a long year. A good year, don't get us wrong—we launched the Text Classics series, we got a nice haul of awards (including Small Publisher of the Year), we saw Peter Temple's brilliant Jack Irish on our TV screens, we acquired an international sensation—but we are tired. It takes a lot of work, year round, to bring everyone such fantastic books. 
Your Christmas Eve is pretty hectic, granted, but you don't know what it's like to work that hard all through the year. It's tough, Santa.
I think we've really earned the things on our wishlist, so I hope you can help us out:

1. Can you please get this song out of my head? Every year, Santa. Every year.

2. Very crowded bookshops. Customers jammed in. We want booksellers to work up a sweat serving so many people, and then we'll join them for a drink when they close up shop on Christmas Eve.

3. Give ereaders to everyone for Christmas—and send them straight online to find our books at their favourite eretailer.

4. 7,000 followers on Twitter. We're close!

5. More ponies.

Thanks, big guy. We'll leave out the good biscuits for you.

Love, Text.

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