Saturday, November 03, 2012

PW's Best Books of 2012

As we wrestle this issue to press from a watertight off-site bunker, lower Manhattan, including our 23rd street office, is still dark. Days after Hurricane Sandy, the subways remain crippled; bridges, now open, are clogged with traffic; some tunnels remain off limits to all but the best swimmers (rats love a good dip). Even without hurricanes, assembling the Best Books issue is tough. To decide on our top 10, we went back to our tavern annex this year, editor after editor making their case for what should and shouldn't make it. In 2011 we all rallied around a popular novel; this time we threw that love at Chris Ware, who designed and hand-lettered our cover (featuring the first alteration of the PW logo in the company's history) based on his brilliant book-in-a-box, Building Stories, plus nine other amazing books in our top 10, plus more than a hundred others that made 2012 an amazing year for books.

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