Thursday, November 15, 2012

New York's Chelsea: The hub of the global contemporary art market flooded - literally

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Crews work on cleaning and repairing damage at the Sonnabend art gallery in the Chelsea section of New York. AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA.

By: Veronique Dupont

NEW YORK (AFP).- New York's Chelsea, a hub of the global contemporary art market, became the world's most glamorous disaster zone during superstorm Sandy, suffering millions of dollars in flooding damages. Even two weeks later, many of the 400 or so galleries crammed into the small neighborhood are struggling to get back on their feet. Like all of lower Manhattan, Chelsea was blasted by hurricane-strength winds and stripped of electricity during Sandy, but most damage came from flooding. A neighborhood famous for its minimalist lofts and chic residents now resembles a construction site. Windows that are cracked or lined with safety tape remain a common sight, and shards of glass crunch underfoot. At the Jim Kempner gallery, large-scale photographs have been laid out to dry. At the influential Larry Gagosian gallery, stylish young women employees greet visitors in protective face masks. Near 11th Avenue, the high-water mark left by ... More

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