Friday, November 09, 2012

My blog readers will remember a series of posts from Don Donovan's book 'Great Works Re-visited'. He put the book together at the suggestion of a publisher who, when he'd finished, declined to publish! He then had it submitted to three other publishers all of whom rejected it, the last one saying 'While everyone felt it was very cleverly done, the feeling was that we just wouldn’t be able to make enough sales to make it work for either you or us.' 

Don feels that it might have done better if he'd offered it in the UK as it's a bit literarily intellectual but he really doesn't want the hassle of British agents, publishers or slush piles. So he has made the book available on the Internet. It can be bought as a hard copy or e-book by going to <> and either entering 'Donovan' or 'Great Works Re-visited' in the search box. Don says that the paper-back version would not only make a good Christmas pressy but it's also rather inexpensive!

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