Thursday, November 01, 2012

Light & Shade - Conversations with Jimmy Page

Light & Shade
Conversations with Jimmy Page
Author: Brad Tolinski
RRP: $37.99
Released: 02 November 2012
Imprint: Virgin

‘How far did we go? As far as our imaginations would carry us, really. Those were the days of pure hedonism. LA in particular was like Sodom and Gomorrah ... It was my life – that fusion of magic and music.’

Jimmy Page was the leader, mastermind, guitarist and producer of Led Zeppelin, described by Rolling Stone magazine as “the biggest band of the seventies” and “unquestionably one of the most enduring bands in rock history.” While there is no shortage of written material out there on Led Zeppelin’s legacy, no member has written their own memoir and rarely have they cooperated with the press or a biographer – certainly NEVER Page. For the most part, their exploits are merely the stuff of legend. On the rare occasions that Page has opened his doors to journalists, he has done so with caution.
Over the last twenty years, Brad Tolinski, Editorial Director of Guitar World, Revolver and Guitar Aficionado magazines, has interviewed Page more than any other journalist in the world and by asking incisive questions, he’s been able to gain the trust of this greatly misunderstood artist.  Sifting through over fifty hours of conversations that touch on everything from the 1960s music scene and his early years as England’s top session guitarist working with artists like The Who, The Kinks, and Eric Clapton, to his wild years in Led Zeppelin, and post-Zep projects, Light & Shade will provide readers with the most complete picture of the media-shy guitarist ever published.

It is doubtful that Page will ever write his story, given this, Light & Shade will undoubtedly be considered the closest thing Led Zeppelin fans will get to a published autobiography, making this book an essential read.

Brad Tolinski’s previous publications include Guitars that Shook the World: A Star Studded Collection of the World’s Most Famous Guitars and Classic Hendrix: The Ultimate Hendrix Experience.

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