Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun at Unity Books, Wellington

Last Thursday at  Unity Books Wellington an eclectic mix of customers welcomed three new exciting publications by Lawrence & Gibson. It was a glorious evening with plenty of speeches from the publishing collective representative Murdoch Stephens, one of our own ex-Unity crew William Dewey, a symmetrically rhythmical Dick Whyte and absent-in-body-but-present-in-spirit Richard Meros.
William Dewey presented his latest baby The Homeland of Pure Joy. Dick Whyte explained the ideas behind the Haiku News Anthology 2009-2011 he co-edited with Laurence Stacey, and Murdoch Stephens read out a surprisingly short version of Richard Meros’ long thoughts on his latest creation Easy Whistle Solo.

What a joyous evening it was. A trinity, a trolligy, a triumvirate ? What is it called ? Anyway, much fun had by all.  

Link to the publishers page about the launch:

Above - top to bottom:
Murdoch Stephens 
William Dewey
Dick Whyte

Photos by M.Starosta

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