Monday, November 26, 2012

Donate your Desktop to Duffy

Literacy charity Duffy Books in Homes is excited to be a part of a new venture which has the potential to help many of the Duffy kids in schools currently without sponsorship.

Donate Your Desktop is a unique concept devised by four young Kiwi entrepreneurs.  It allows anyone with a computer to receive a different and stylish advertisement on their desktop every day (no gaudy junk mail style advertising allowed!).

Users simply install an application onto their computer that updates their desktop background each day with a fresh wallpaper sponsored by an advertiser.

As a result, 75% of the fees paid to advertise in this space are donated to charity.  Any New Zealander with a computer can make a small donation at no cost to themselves each day by having an attractive full-screen advertisement as their wallpaper for a day.

All you have to do is visit the Donate Your Desktop website and choose Duffy Books in Homes as your preferred charity.  If you use the programme for just 13 months you’ll have contributed enough to sponsor a Duffy kid for a whole year, allowing them to receive a minimum of five free books of their choice annually.

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