Monday, November 05, 2012

'Discovering the Forsters: Mapping Key South Pacific Heritage Collections Online’

Graham Jefcoate 'Discovering the Forsters'
Wednesday 7 November - final public history seminar in 2012

J.R. Forster and his son George Forster accompanied James Cook on his second circumnavigation of the world in the Resolution, 1772-1775. The collections created on their voyage, and other collections they made after returning to Europe, contain important source material on a wide range of topics but especially relating to New Zealand, Pacific Studies and natural history. This material, including archival documents, letters, printed books, drawings, paintings, cultural objects and natural historical specimens, is widely scattered in collections across the world. The collections are dispersed not only geographically but also across different categories of holding institution, including libraries, archives, museums and galleries. How can this important evidence be brought together? How can the material be placed in its wider context? In this talk Graham will seek to explain the complex issues surrounding the Forster collections and will describe current plans for mapping them and bringing them together for the first time online.

Graham Jefcoate has worked in universities and libraries in Germany, Britain and the Netherlands, including Münster University, the British Library (where in 1997 he became Head of Early Printed Collections), Berlin State Library (where he was Director General, 2002-04) and Nijmegen University Library (as Director, 2004-11). He has published widely in the fields of rare books, library history, library management and innovation. He was a member of the Executive Board of the Association of European Research Libraries (LIBER) and Chair of its Steering Committee on Heritage Collections and Preservation until his retirement. He has a special interest in Anglo-German connections and is currently writing a book on German printers and booksellers in 18th century London. Graham also has a strong interest in New Zealand heritage.   

Please join us at 12.15pm on L4, ASB House, 101 The Terrace, Wellington
Everyone is welcome - talk is for approximately one hour.

Wednesday 7 November - final public history seminar in 2012

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