Friday, November 23, 2012

Arts on Sunday for 25 November 2012 - Radio New Zealand National

12:43 The 100th issue of New Zealand Books: Why its editors, Harry Ricketts and Jane Westaway, believe it's still important even with all the on line reviews being written these days. New Zealand Books

12:48 Ambitious profit-share and renovation plans for one of Auckland's smaller theatres, The Basement, are explained by General Manager Charlie McDermott and Venue Manager Sam Snedden.

1:10 At The Movies: The final Twilight, a nice little movie called Robot & Frank, and the story of fashion empress, and unlikely feminist role-model, Diana Vreeland.

1:33 Los Angeles lawyer Mark Litwak: What movie studios are in the market for these days and how the movie making scene has changed, from the move away from film to illegal downloading.

1:48 Two young movers and shakers in the arts scene, songwriter Anthonie Tonnon who's with Tono and the Finance company and clothing designer Emily Miller-Sharma, explain what keeps them in New Zealand, for now at least, when so many other creatives are seeking fame and fortune overseas. This is ahead of a public forum they're involved in called Why Are You Still Here?

2:05 The Laugh Track: Millen Baird and Kiel McNaughton, the minds behind the TV comedy series Auckland Daze.

2:26 Big band leader and trombone player Rodger Fox puts his case for government money to set up a national big band, along the lines of a tried and tested model.

2:35 David Steemson joins sculptor Terry Stringer as he works on one of his most ambitious projects yet.

2:45 Novelist David McGill joins us live from the launch of his latest work, The Promised Land.

2:53 Held in Auckland once a month, Creative Mornings provide the opportunity for an audience to watch presentations given by those involved in the Creative Industries; from street art to film, digital fx to web development. Sonia Sly speaks to Co-ordinator Jade Tang about the origins of Creative Mornings in the States and the benefit for New Zealand talent to be placed in a context alongside innovative and creative international talent.

3:05 The Drama Hour: 31 Egmont Street is that increasingly rare beast - a radio play recorded in front of a live audience!

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