Thursday, November 01, 2012

Albert Wendt goes electronic

Lani Wendt Young reports

A quick update about Pacific literary great - Albert Wendt. 
I've been assisting my uncle with making some of his books available in electronic format and we're excited to announce that his first book, 'Sons for the Return Home' has just been released on Soon, 'Leaves of the Banyan Tree' will also be released in e-format. This has come about because as I speak in schools in different communities, many young people are expressing their surprise at meeting a Samoan author. "We've never heard of a Samoan writer before..." I find this quite sad. I strongly believe that everyone needs to read stories about them, for them and written by someone like them. 
By making Albert's classic books readily accessible and affordable, we hope that new generations of Pacific people worldwide, can better discover their cultural and literary heritage. It's an honor and a privilege for me to help take these books into the digital era.
I think that every Samoan, everywhere needs to read this book. (Actually every Pacific person, everwhere needs to read this book) - and now you can. This is the book that started it all for Pacific literature. This is the book that shook up the literary world, got made into a film, shocked many of our parents, caused controversy, and launched a writing career of awesomeness. You can get your digital copy now from Amazon for $7.99 at the following link:

 Lani Wendt Young
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