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8 Lessons for Living Like a Rock Star, Courtesy of Rod Stewart

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In honor of Rod Stewart , Rod: The Autobiography, here are eight life lessons and playlist suggestions I took away from this fun, juicy, honest book.

1. "Blondes (Have More Fun)": There's no shame in extreme hair maintenance.
Rod devotes the second chapter of his book to his hair, which, let's face it, we all want to hear about. And, as he says, maybe he is a bit extreme with his hair, but how many other people can say they're recognizable for the spiky tips on the top of their heads?

2. "Maggie May" and "Mandolin Wind": Stay true to yourself, and you'll go far.
Both of these songs were hits from Rod's "Every Picture Tells a Story," and also have a very Celtic quality that speaks to Rod's Scottish heritage.

3. "Rhythm of My Heart": Most definitely the rhythm Rod has followed for most of his life, so follow your heart.
Rod is known for being something of a philanderer and womanizer -- something he regretfully cops to in Rod. While I will agree with him that he behaved quite despicably to many of his girlfriends over the years, reading his book gave me more of an understanding of his actions -- he was quite simply in love with being in love!

4. "Forever Young": Sometimes you have to trust your gut … and sometimes, run from it!
Rod almost threw out two of his most famous songs: "Maggie May" and "Forever Young," for being "not good enough!" Always have confidence in yourself and your talents.

5. "Downtown Train": Everyone has a quirky hobby.
And Rod's is building elaborate model trains, railways, and landscapes. Go figure.

6. "Do Ya Think I’m Sexy": You can't please everyone.
Rod's take on disco was a tribute to the Rolling Stones, who had managed to mix disco and rock successfully. While the song gave him many new fans, it also disappointed many of his old fans, who felt he had sold out. Out of embarrassment, he took it out of his show, but then found that people were disappointed.

7. "Infatuation": Dive into what you're passionate about.
Rod is the master of infatuations -- with blondes, model trains, cars, football, and art -- and, lucky for us, he devotes a chapter to each in his book. It's inspiring (for the most part, leaving out the womanizing) to see the passion with which Rod approaches his interests.

8. "I Don't Want to Talk About It": Don't be coy. This is a phrase Rod has never uttered …
Because he lays it all bare in this autobiography -- every sex, drugs, and rock and roll moment -- with humor, candor, and humility.

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