Thursday, February 17, 2011

HEALING OUR HISTORY - The challenge of the Treaty of Waitangi

Robert Consedine & Joanna Consedine
Penguin Books - $31

This book was first published in 2001 and then revised in 2005. This revised edition remains in print and has come to my notice again by a Napier friend, Pat Magill, urging me to read it and saying it is something every NZ'er should read. I'm afraid it has to go into the reading pile beside the bed for a while
I do note that a number of notable NZ'ers and reviewers lavished praise on the book when it was first published including Sir Paul Reeves who said "acknowledging our history, honouring all our stories, healing, forgiveness - a brilliant book" and the late Michael King who wrote "This is one of those books New Zealand needs".
Then Prime Minister Helen Clark said "this new book about the Treaty of Waitangi will offer many New Zealanders their first true understanding of the is a wonderful book, a very good read."
Others to enthuse about it include Tim Finn, Chris Bourke, John Campbell, and Mike Riddell.

Check it out at your bookshop or library.

About the authors:
Robert Consedine was raised in an Irish Catholic ‘ghetto’ in the working class Christchurch suburb of Addington. From his involvement with the civil rights movement in the United States to international relief aid visiting of third world countries, Robert has witnessed the struggle for human dignity in some of the most marginalised environments on the planet. Jailed for two weeks for his involvement with the anti-Springbok tour protests of 1981, Robert was deeply affected by stories from Maori prisoners; stories reflecting every kind of dispossession; disconnection from family, land, language, culture, unemployment, abuse, violence, low self esteem, and personal and institutional racism. Along with wife Trish and a network of Maori and Pakeha, Robert was inspired to set up Waitangi Associates – an organisation dedicated to assisting the people of Aotearoa New Zealand in learning about and courageously confronting our colonial history.

Joanna Consedine grew up in an environment where she was aware from a young age about what constituted fairness and justice in the world. Her background inspired her to choose courses at university that deepened these values. Since completing her Bachelor of Arts with Honours (First class) (Major: Education) in 1995, she has worked as tutor of a Work Based Training programme (1996-1997), facilitating the unemployed and school leavers with no formal qualifications into further training and employment opportunities. Joanna is currently doing contract work for Waitangi Associates.


Romance Novels said...

I just stumbled upon this post and as an American I had no idea what the Treaty of Waitangi was. I just looked it up and it seems like a really fascinating topic, bringing to mind many of our own history, though of course with significant differences. Definitely a book I'm interested in reading.

Pat Magill said...

Good News,Healing our History, The Challenge from the Treaty O Waitangi
Publishers of Alan Duff's "Once were Warriors, and One Night Out Stealing" have sold around 75.000 copies. Duff's books, Offers little hope
Healing Our History, by Robert Consedine, almost 18.456 copies sold
Posted free at $20 to anywhere in Aotearoa,direct "Google" the website, Lets outsell Alan Duff, with a book, that offers hope.