Saturday, January 08, 2011

Voracious Reader Returns to the Print Fold

Shelf Awareness, January 7, 2011

"Late in the day on Tuesday, a couple came into the store. After browsing a bit, the wife approached the desk. Her husband, she explained, is a voracious reader. So, she got him a Kindle for Christmas. He tried it and didn't like it. So, she returned the Kindle and was at Battenkill Books to apply the same amount of money to a gift certificate for her husband. It made my day!"

--Connie Brooks, owner of Battenkill Books, Cambridge, N.Y.


Harry Nicols said...

Great story, and thanks for the blog over the holidays, it has kept me sane!

Andrew said...

I don't like e-books either; they take the relaxing out of my reading experience and, possibly because of the former, tend to tweek the OOS as well. I also love having books just lying around the house, so I'll be sticking to the old technology as long as it's there to be stuck to. I realize though, that this undoubtedly qualifies me as a 'curmudgeon' and a 'luddite', all in the one 'non-hip' package.

Keri Hulme said...

Who wants to be non-luddite*, hip & youthful if it interferes with reading pleasure?

Not this bibliophile.

Bookman Beattie, may you & yours' have a very pleasurable & mentally enriching 2011. Your blog is appreciated so very much.

KeriH said...

O- an addendum to my post:

* I love a very great deal about technology. I fail to see how refusing to buy into the current i-Pad/Kindle/Kobo-et-crap-all hysteria is being a Luddite. Things will settle down, and a substantial minority of people will have the equivalent of mp3 players for reading (newspapers & magazines & genre fiction by & large) and the rest of us will get on with our lives...

o, except quite a few newspaper & magazine publishers, and a *lot* of extortionate book publishers-