Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Harvey McQueen, R.I.P.

I was deeply saddened to learn this morning that poet, anthologist and educator Harvey McQueen had died in Wellington on Christmas day at the age of 76 .

A private funeral attended by family and close friends was held on Friday 31 December.
There will be a memorial service at Old St Paul's Mulgrave St, Wellington on Friday 28 January at 11 am.
In lieu of flowers, you are invited to make a donation to the Harvey McQueen Memorial Fund, to foster children’s appreciation of New Zealand’s birds through Zealandia. Donations may be posted to Zealandia, PO Box 9267, Marion Square, Wellington 6141.

Harvey was a man I admired, a warm, gentle man with a keen intellect and a great passion for poetry. His most recent book, THESE I HAVE LOVED - my favourite New Zealand poems, was published in September 2010.

The Last Post. - his partner Anne's tribute.

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Anonymous said...

Harvey was a wonderful teacher: a sympathetic, deep listener, who was respectful and kind even to unworldly neophytes. He'll be fondly remembered.