Thursday, July 09, 2009


Today, Wednesday, while en route to the Musee Maillol, a delightful but lesser-known museum in the 6th, I found two previously unvisited bookshops and in spite of my best intentions I ended up adding to my already overweight bag!

L’ecume des Pages at 174 boulevard Saint-Germain was a large wonderfully stocked store, most titles in French but also an impressive selection of non-fiction English titles. Annie works in the fashion industry and was drawn to their extensive range of fashion-related titles. Purchase – Vintage Paris Couture – The French Woman’s Guide to Shopping – Jessica Clayton – Universe – E22.
Also a fun, tongue in cheek title, The Best Places to Kiss in Paris!

Next to Librairie Gallimard at 15 boulevard Raspail, another large shop with a big array of most interesting stock out on the street. I bought Nouvelle Revue Francaise published 1 May 1953 at 195Fr for three Euros (about NZ$7). There were many different issues there, they look a little like early editions of Landfall but all in French of course, and I really would love to have bought 10 or 12 copies but alas the weight………….

I had also hoped to day to get to Calignani on the rue de Rivoli, which boasts of being the “oldest bookshop on the Continent, but as always happens in Paris I have run out of time and tomorrow we board the train for Toulon and the coast. Au revoir Paris.
More from Toulon, home of rugby in France.

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