Saturday, July 04, 2009

Martina Cole Takes huge boost from TV adaptation
03.07.09 The Bookseller

A TV adaptation has led to a huge sales boost for Martina Cole's 2005 thriller The Take (Headline). The novel, set in London's criminal underworld during the 1980s, is fast approaching the 550,000 life sales mark thanks to the Sky 1 boost.
Over the past six weeks, since the TV tie-in hit the shelves, the novel has sold close to 27,000 copies across all editions, up more than 4,000% on sales across the previous six weeks.
A huge promotional push, for both the series and the book, has included newspaper interviews with Cole, selected clips from the TV series being streamed via websites such as and, and the show's official trailer being screened before summer blockbuster "Terminator: Salvation".Cole has been worth close to £10m to UK retailers over the past two years.

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