Thursday, July 02, 2009

Inspector Singh Investigates
Shamini Flint - Piatkus paperback NZ $27.99

In the first of a new series, the overweight but most likeable Inspector Singh has been sent from his home in Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to solve a murder that has him stumped. Chelsea Liew, the famous Singaporean model, is in custody for the murder of her ex-husband. She swears she didn’t do it, he thinks she didn’t do it, but no matter how hard he tries to get to the bottom of things he still arrives back at the same place - that Chelsea’s husband was shot at point blank range, and that Chelsea had the best motivation to pull the trigger: he was taking her kids away from her.I so enjoyed this and reckon that in Inspector Singh author Flint has created a major new figure in the crime fiction genre and I am delighted to see that the second book in the series has been announced, Inspector Singh Investigates: A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul. Bring it on I say.

UK praise for Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder: sums it up well:
Welcome to Malaysia, the first stop for Inspector Singh as he travels throughout Asia solving crimes. He’s a crime hero like no other – fat, cantankerous, cynical but utterly endearing – and could do for Asia what Mme Ramotswe has done for Botswana.’ – Daily Telegraph

About Shamini Flint:
Shamini Flint is an ex-lawyer (with experience in Malaysia, Singapore and throughout Asia) and now stay-at-home mum. She has written a number of children’s books before obtaining a three book deal for her adult fiction: the Inspector Singh series. See her website for more information.

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