Monday, July 06, 2009

From Times Online
July 3, 2009
Borders kick-starts UK's reluctant e-book revolution
Borders move into e-books could finally ignite real competition in a UK market still awaiting the Amazon Kindle
Story by Murad Ahmed, Technology Reporter

Pic by Ben Gurr/The Times shows the e-book from Borders
Electronic books have been predicted to change the way we read forever, and hasten the death of the printing press. But the revolution is taking a long time in coming.
Until recently in the United Kingdom, people wanting to buy an electronic book-reading device had little choice of machines. This week, the bookseller Borders launches its own e-book reader, which promises to ignite competition at last.
Until now, the Sony Reader, launched in partnership with Waterstones last year, was the only major player in the British market. Its main rival, the much-hyped Amazon Kindle, is only available in the US, and the online retailer appears to be in no hurry to launch in the UK.
The new reader gives British bookworms a choice. The device is made by electronics company Elonex for Borders UK, which claims its machine is both lighter and cheaper than Sony’s Reader.
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