Wednesday, July 01, 2009

And you’re ugly, too
1 July 2009 - MobyLives blog

Pic left -Alain de Botton

Another author upset about a negative review of his book has left an unfortunately revealing sample of their unedited prose out there for all the world to see on the internet: Alain de Botton, after getting a bad review for his newest, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, from Caleb Crain in the New York Times Book Review, decided to go to Crain’s blog and tell him a thing or two in the comments section.
“I will hate you till the day I die and wish you nothing but ill will in every career move you make,” writes de Botton. Also, “You have now killed my book in the United States, nothing short of that. So that’s two years of work down the drain in one miserable 900 word review.”

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Mark Hubbard said...

:) Wasn't de Botton the philosopher who did the TV series about happiness, or some such?

If so, he might think about renting the DVD.