Saturday, October 11, 2008


Much of the recent growth of readership of Beatties Book Blog has come from outside New Zealand. In recent weeks the % of readers from within NZ has dropped to 45% even though the total number continues to increase.
The US now accounts for 20%, the UK 15%, Australia 5%, Canada 3%, with Japan, France Germany & Sweden all 1%, and the remaining 8% spread over 39 countries including Togo, Oman, Senegal, Cyprus, and Serbia & Montenegro.

Thank you all for calling by. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving the site.

Quote of the day: People say that life is the thing but I prefer reading.
Logan Pearsall Smith.


Jeff said...

Hi from a new reader in Argentina! Looks like you have great content and I'm always excited to learn about literary matters in different countries.

One thing: in my RSS reader (Bloglines, specifically) all your posts appear as "No title". Indeed, even commenting here, I see that Blogger says this post is "Untitled". Maybe there's just a setting in your Blogger configuration that needs adjusting. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

LiteraryMinded said...

Thanks for being so comprehensive Bookman. You're often my first port-of-call on lit news when I catch wind of something. :-)

June Saville said...

What a grand collection of info about books and writers Graham. Thank you! I will return.
I'm from Oz and tripped over the ditch again to see what's happening blogwise in your land.
I have been a journalist and corporation public relations manager for many years - retired now, and enjoying blogging. Once a writer ...
I have readers from India to UK, USA, Oz, Papua New Guinea, France, Spain etc etc etc, but just one from New Zealand. Journeys in Creative Writing is a collection of my original short stories and poetry and 70 Plus and Still Kicking is a semi-opinion piece.
I'll keep wandering and maybe make some Kiwi friends ...
Thanks for having me.
June in Oz

Bookman Beattie said...

Jeff - many thanks, I'll follow up on that & see what I can do.

Angela - many thanks for your kind comment.

June - nice to meet you. Have just spend 20 minutes roaming around your blog, Yoiu have two NZ readers now, and I am sure iothers will follow.
Have visited your area for holidays a couple of times - Byron Bay, Bangalow and Ballina. Lovely part of the country. Nice weather too.All best,

June Saville said...

Maybe you should time your next Oz visit to coincide with the Byron Bay Writers Festival in August. It's always good value. (see my other blog 70 Plus and Still Kicking for my story and pix on this year's).
Thanks for being my Kiwi Number Two - will see you around.
June in Oz

Bookman Beattie said...

JUne, the Byron Bay Writers Festival is a amost appealing idea.
Would love to attend. I'll start saving!

Vanda Symon said...

As you well know, I love your blog Mr Bookman and check it out religiously, as do many people going by your stats, but hardly anyone leaves a comment.

Some other book related blogs I visit pose questions to the readers, to open up a little dialogue in the comments. You could chuck in a question every now and again to see who's awake (-: