Friday, August 15, 2008


This is the magnifico Italian cover of Bernard Beckett's novel, GENESIS:
fabuloso! Poor old orang-utan: it's like 'King Kong meets the New Age ghost of Marley' One wonders what the Brazilians will do with it, or the Serbs, or the Americans for that matter.
(Cover is much more spectacular than I can show here but this gives you the idea)
To celebrate the Italian edition, Bernard has been invited to an arts
festival to be held in Parma, Northern Italy next February - an invitation
he's finding hard to turn down.

GENESIS has been long-listed for the INKY Awards in Australia - the teenage- choice book awards - and he's also been nominated for the prestigious IBBY Awards to be held in Copenhagen later this year.
The book has now been sold to over twenty different countries.
GENESIS was first published by Dunedin, NZ-based Longacre Press who are delighted with the title's international success. And so they should be the book is an international success story and The Bookman offers them and their author warmest congratulations. And Bernard be sure to accept that invitation to Parma! Need a bagman?
In recent years Longacre Press has become something of a specialist in the area of YA fiction to the extent that they are now NZ's pre-eminent publisher in the field.
Longacre are publishing Bernard Beckett's first adult novel at the end of this month: ACID SONG. I am reliably informed it's a little ripper... it's election day in contemporary New Zealand.

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