Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Collected a large sack of mail from the Post Office on our return which is finally sorted and now I'm ploughing through the magazines that had piled up.

Loving those copies of The New Yorker.

Here are some highlights from the issue of July 2:
The New Yorker Festival - October, 5/6/7 in NYC -
If you are in NY at this time you are in for some treats.
And from the July 9 issue a major review by Tim Parks, (well-known English writer on matters Italian) of a new book on Italy's unifier, Garibaldi.


Anonymous said...

that link to the New Yorker is useful to alert us but the link to receive email information doesn't work for NZers as they demand that you put in a US zip code , etc etc. and I wasn't knowledgeable or inventive enough to put in a real one. They also detected I wasn't using a US city.
The programme info doesn't hit the New Yorker till Sept 17th issue so I will watch out for that instead.

Beattie's Book Blog said...

Sorry about that New Traveller.
Perhaps they think peopole outside the US are not interested in the Festival? I note the form also invites subscriptions to The New Yorker for $1 per issue which I doubt they intend to offer to subscribers outside the US. This may be the reason we can't get the e-mails.
When the issue of Sept 17 arrives with the programme I will post it on my blog.