Thursday, July 19, 2007


Tim Godfray, the Booksellers Association Chief Executive, is very critical of the "crazy" levels of discounts being used by retailers to sell the latest Harry Potter.

His comments from The Bookseller.

Good on you Tim. As I've been saying for weels it is total madness to discount an obvious bestseller that would still fly out the door if it was sold at the full retail price. Any fool can discout a bestseller.

As my old boss Peter Mayer at Penguin used to say, Graham the trick is to maximise the price of the bestseller, discount the titles that will not sell, not those that clearly will.
I'm afraid this is a lesson that many retailers, and publishers too for that matter, have yet to learn.

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Anonymous said...

Did you expect anything else from the likes of the bulk seller mentality that goes with The W and the other W? At least the author and the publisher still get paid in these situations, although thinking about it, maybe this is the only situation where a book is discounted so heavily.
It's the children who benefit by owning a copy and in many cases completing the set.