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‘The NZ Book Festival’ Celebrating New Zealand Indie Books



2018 - The NZ Book Festival's fifth year
How did it begin?

The first festival was held in 2014 in Devonport on Auckland’s North Shore. It began life as an idea by independently published children’s author Louise de Varga. “The first book festival was a tentative toe dipping to see if writers and readers would come to an event geared especially for them. And they did.” To find out more history and meet the festival volunteers check our About Us page.

"Why giving up worked for me."

We’ve all read those well-intentioned self-help books where in 56 easy steps you too can succeed at everything. Books with encouraging titles such as Weight Loss for Dummies, Make the Big Bucks, You Deserve It, Be a Better You, and of course, Mind over Matter. Actually the last one may be a physics book, but you get the gist.
The reason these books fly off shelves is because they deal with a problem. Unfortunately the problem is YOU! It’s appears to all and sundry that you don’t look the way you should, you don’t think the way others think, and of course you’re doing it all wrong too. Click here to read Louise's full blog post.
Click here to read more blogs on our website.
What's in a name?
The idea of an indie book festival was first suggested at a NZ Society of Authors monthly meeting. With lots of enthusiasm the name Auckland Independent Book Festival was born. Though rather boring it 'said' that the 2014 event was being held in Auckland and would be showcasing indie authors and indie publishers.

After the success of the first festival it was suggested it be changed to NZ Independent Book Festival for the 2015 event. The new name reflected the large number of exhibitors that had come from all over New Zealand to participate.

In 2016 it's name was changed to NZ Book Festival. The independent was dropped. Readers don't care if the book is traditionally or independently published. What's important to them is they have access to great books written by Kiwi indie authors and an opportunity to talk with the authors. Writers want to be able to discuss their writing aspirations with indie publishing professionals who know what it takes to become a published author. A festival celebrating indie authors, books, publishing, writers and readers.
The NZ Book Festival - the place for authors to meet readers, and for businesses to meet aspiring writers. 2018 registrations now open.

Let's celebrate NZ Indie Authors

Our big news:
Online registration for the 2018 NZ Book Festival is officially open.

Your big news:
Have you received a wondeful review you want to share with the world?
Contact us with the link so we can share your good news with others.

Are you having a book launch?
Have you received some mainstream media publicity?
Written a blog post with tips for other indie authors? 

Note: blog posts are limited to 600 words please. Promotional links will be checked for suitably.
Dates to Remember
17th November 2018 – Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, 10am – 4pm
1st January 2018 – Only 2018 exhibitors will be visible on the website
28th February 2018 – Early bird pricing finishes
31st August 2018 – Exhibitor stand bookings close
For 2017 exhibitors wishing to have a stand in 2018 please contact us for easy re-booking. For new, 2015 and 2016 exhibitors please complete the online booking form below.

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