Monday, November 06, 2017

Slave Power

Slave Power

Raewyn Dawson

Published by Mary Egan Publishing , RRP $25.00

The first in a new series by local author Raewyn Dawson. With shades of The Hunger Games and Clan of the Cave Bear, Slave Power introduces a stunning new voice in publishing for Young Adults.

Will the Peace Way succeed?
East of the Black Sea, c.300 BC: Fifteen-year-old Melo is one of the most gifted Riders in the Wild Horse Tribe, destined to become a leader in her female warrior clan. Her old rival Mithrida, however, has cunning plans of her own. But when city slave traders cut a violent path through the Plains, all the Amazon Tribes are under threat.

Far, far away on the Holy Island, Sofia, a young priestess-in-training, wonders why these strangers have landed on their isolated shore. Can she find the answers from the Black Rock? When the worlds of traders, slaves and warriors collide, new alliances come from unexpected sources and new powers are harnessed. But is it enough for the Peace Way to succeed?

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