Thursday, November 02, 2017

A Short History of the New Zealand Wars

A Short History of the New Zealand Wars

Gordon McLauchlan

RRP $29.99


A new national day to commemorate the New Zealand Wars was held 28 October this year.

Following the ongoing success of A Short History of New Zealand, Great Tales of New Zealand History and Great Tales of Rural New Zealand — all reprinted and still going strong, Gordon McLauchlan has turned his masterful storytelling skills to one of the most important periods in this country’s history. Published to coincide with New Zealand’s first national day commemorating the New Zealand land wars on 28 October, this insightful and accessible book will be of interest to New Zealanders wanting to find out more about the struggle between Maori and the colonial powers over governance issues, and the consequences for our country without having to wade through heavy tomes.

Gordon McLauchlan is a well-known journalist, author and social commentator. He is a seasoned media commentator not afraid to speak his mind. His previous books for Bateman include: Great Tales from Rural New Zealand (2016); Great Tales from New Zealand History which has been in print since 2004; The Saltwater Highway: The Story of Ports and Shipping in New Zealand (2012); The Passionless People Revisited (2012); and A Short History of New Zealand (2014). He was also editor-in-chief of The New Zealand Encyclopaedia (Bateman, 1984, revised 1987, 1991, 1995) for ten years.

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