Monday, October 23, 2017

The Roundup with PW

A Book Ban Like No Other: Dixie District Schools in Florida has banned any books that "contain any profanity, cursing, or inappropriate subject matter" save for mandated materials.

Lit Pubs Get Mixed Diversity Reviews: A new survey finds male writers substantially outnumbering women in literaery outlets such as the 'Atlantic' and the 'Paris Review.'

Emma Cline on Harassment in Publishing: The author of 'The Girls,' a novel about gendered violence, recounts her harassment and assault in the book industry.

NYC Courts Amazon: Every public landmark and venue in the city was lit orange last night in an effort to woo the e-tailer to set up shop in the Big Apple.

The Great Stephen King Reread Analysis: Here's how all 38 novels, 15 novellas, 111 short stories, and 5 poems by the horror master break down by the numbers.

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