Friday, August 04, 2017

Off the Shelf

August 03, 2017
Taylor Noel


The 7 Tom Perrotta Books You Should Marathon Read
At the time I learned that Scribner was publishing MRS. FLETCHER—a penetrating and hilarious new novel about a 46-year-old divorcee whose only child has just left for college when she receives an anonymous text message that incites new romantic possibility—I hadn’t yet experienced the pleasure of a Tom Perrotta novel. Boy, was I missing out. Perrotta is one of the most popular and bestselling novelists of our time, and rightly so. With a keen, probing eye, he is a true master of the nuanced domestic drama or comedy—dramedy, if you will. So after I finished MRS. FLETCHER (which only took a day because I couldn’t put the book down) I decided to have myself a Tom Perrotta marathon. Here are the 7 Tom Perrotta novels you should binge read.

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