Thursday, April 06, 2017

Even Time - new NZ novella

Even Time is the story of a father and daughter reunited after almost twenty years apart.

On the shores of Lake Taupo two lost souls must lean on each other to survive. Both are broken, though neither realises quite how much.
Through music, love and choas, they get to know each other again and face up to a past they are both trying to run from.
Driven by the fire of life, they push toward a final reckoning that bonds them forever but which also tears them apart.

Published by Chris Eyes,
P.O.Box 1620,
Taupo  3351 

RRP $22.95 Even Time is a unique book in that it contains its very own soundtrack. The music manifests itself throughout the story and adds another dimension to what is already a heartfelt tale of love and loss, regret and redemption. Check out the songs on YouTube: or find out more info or get in touch with the author on Facebook:

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