Tuesday, November 01, 2016

'Amazon, Can You Not Back Down a Little?'

Shelf Awareness

Ethan Gilsdorf
"I know America is the land of the free market. Still, I say to you, Amazon, can you not back down a little? Go back to the shadows of the Internet where you belong. Let these little guys survive.
"If you don't, here's my piddling threat. If I ever find myself haunting one of your brick-and-mortar Amazon Books stores, I'll do what countless price-addicted shoppers now do at indie shops--except with this twist. I'll take a picture of a book I want to buy. Then I'll purchase it, instead, at my local bookseller."

--Author and former bookseller Ethan Gilsdorf in a commentary for WBUR headlined "Amazon Should Leave Brick-And-Mortar to the Little Guys"

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