Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Women Write Twice As Many Books As Men

Posted at 7:41AM Tuesday 02 Aug 2016

The Australian book industry is a women-friendly place. With 67 per cent female authors, it is up there with teaching, nursing and social work as a profession heavily skewed towards women.
Yet, despite those odds and the vast female market for books, Australia's media world remains out-of-step and slanted in precisely the opposite way: for every female author that is reviewed in our press, the work of nearly three males is reviewed.

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Mark Hubbard said...

Random thought:

Mainly literary fiction is reviewed.

No breakdown noted in this piece on differences between male and female as to does one gender write more genre than literary fiction.

I'm surmising, perhaps wrongly (no evidence; no research available), that male writers may prominently be writing literary fiction rather than genre.

A lot of the gender war (noting literature is a major battleground) is based on spurious agenda ridden stats, and incompetent, non-technical agenda written interpretation.

Okay, rip me apart.