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Publisher Nigel Newton on harnessing the Harry Potter effect

Wednesday 6 April 2016 ABC

Nigel's publishing house, Bloomsbury, was at the centre of the phenomenon and immense fortune generated by JK Rowling's series.

Nigel Newton
Publisher Nigel Newton on harnessing the...

Left:  Nigel Newton (ABC Radio)

Nigel co-founded the publishing house, Bloomsbury, in London during the 1980s.
His children's division was struggling when a manuscript was offered to one of his agents at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
It was a novel for young people by an unknown author called J.K. Rowling.
The manuscript had been rejected by 12 other publishers, but Bloomsbury signed the author without hesitation.
What followed was a decade of intense excitement, and extreme security measures around the 7 instalments of the Harry Potter series.

A large part of the thrill of each annual release was the strict embargo surrounding the plot; and there were many audacious attempts to leak the stories ahead of time.
Children and adults adored the books, making Harry Potter the biggest selling non-religious text in the history of the world. More

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