Friday, October 04, 2013

Livin’ ina Aucklan’

This project involves the recording and manufacture of a CD of songs based on one of Michael O'Leary's books of poetry. The cover art work by Michael O'Leary includes a photo of him working on a night shift job grinding concrete on Auckland's main street, Queen Street. In the link is the drawing for the back cover of the CD plus some of O'Leary's previous CD and poetry book covers. 

This will be the fourth such CD and he has gathered 6 plus musicians and singers who are all previously recorded performers as well as being seasoned live audience performers. The CD will be made up of 10 songs and are of varying styles from reggae to jazz to folk and rock, and includes a poem sung in the style of a Maori lament. Each song is about travelling around various parts of Auckland evoking the people and cityscape. 

The budget is based on O'Leary's last CD - Fences Fall (available on iTunes if you want to get an idea of the lyrics he writes plus some performances on YouTube at the concert which launched the CD) - which cost $10,000 all up, including a glass master for 500 copies. The budget takes into account the fact that for a reward to pledgeme participants it is planned to offer a CD which includes a lyric booklet signed by Michael O'Leary plus other rewards. 

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