Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Tuesday Poem is Helen Lowe's Fey

 It's Helen Lowe's month. Her third novel The Gathering of the Lost, the second novel in The Wall of Night series, is just out, and today her poem Fey has been selected for the Tuesday Poem by fellow poet Alicia Ponder. 
Apart from her fiction, Helen is an active member of New Zealand's poetry scene.  She is a member of the New Zealand Poetry Society, hosts a monthly poetry feature for Women on Air, Plains 96.9 FM, and is a member of the Tuesday Poetry group via her blog. She has won numerous awards for her fiction which can be found on her website

Alicia Ponder says, 'I was first introduced to Helen's work through her novel 'Thornspell', and I remember being particularly impressed by the lyricism of her language, along with her obvious love for romance, myth and fairytale.  A very powerful combination - especially in a poet - so of course when I found she was a member of the Tuesday Poem group I was instantly drawn to her poems.  With pieces ranging from Haiku to works inspired by Homer's Odyssey, each has its own unique voice, its own soul, and its own story to tell.  

I remember seeing Fey when it was blogged in December 2011, and it sent me straight back to my misspent youth - where anything was possible and there were fairies at the end of the garden.' 

After reading Helen's poem, click on the TP sidebar to find a host of other poems written by the 30 poets in the group or chosen by them to feature. 

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