Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"The Forrests" novel launched in style with Forrest wine !

My local restaurant, Sunday Painters, was packed to the gunwales last evening for the launch of Emily Perkins new novel, the already much-praised THE FORRESTS.

Among the literati I noticed in the audience were Susanna Andrew, Kevin Ireland, Jacinda Ardern, Steve Braunias, Mark Broatch, Jolisa Gracewood, Simon Wilson, Charlotte Grimshaw, Karl Maughan, Sarah Laing, Finlay MacDonald, Carol Hirschfeld, Gaeme Lay, Robyn Malcolm, Greg McGee, Anne O'Brien, Jennifer Ward Lealand, Tim Wilson, Bernard Brown, Stuart Hoar, Donna Malane, Sue Orr, Peter Simpson, Michele Leggott, and Ian Wedde. No doubt there were others I didn't see.

I especially liked the fact that The Forrests was launched with splendid Forrest Wines. Great synchronicity. Special book, special wine.
Brigid Forrest flew up especially from Marlborough to pour the wine on the night and a grand job she did too offering us a choice of their Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Reisling. 
I had a couple of glasses of the excellent, quite dry Reisling and was so impressed I'm off to Glengarry's this morning to buy a case for home.

Kathleen Farrar, MD Bloomsbury Australia attended to the official launch to which Emily replied in her usual elegant and understated way.
A few photographs from the evening below courtesy of whiz Allen & Unwin publicist Abba Renshaw:

 Caro and Ange from Unity Books did a roaring trade
A bevy of beauties..............
 The Bookman with Bloomsbury's Australian MD Kathleen Farrar

Part of the happy crowd.

And for a video review visit Unity Books

And Paul Litterick was the lucky winner of the 6 pack of Forrest Wines from the book launch.


Mark Hubbard said...

I've read so much about this, I'll certainly be picking up the Kindle version from Amazon when I've finished my current read (Jennie Erdal's 'The Missing Shade of Blue' - well worth a read also).

Relating to 'The Forrests', and certainly not a complaint, because it looks to be dead cheap, frankly, but on the Amazon page it's the first time I've seen the Kindle edition (US$12.19) slightly more expensive than the paperback (US$8.35).

I'd be interested to understand the marketing philosophy there?

Amazon page at (and no time to make clicky, sorry:


Anyway, looking forward to the read.

Alan Hudson said...

Does being a list member of parliament make you a member of the literati automatically or has Jacinda Ardern talents that I am unaware of.

Beattie's Book Blog said...

There are several names in there that do not really fit the description literati! Although Jacinda does write a pretty fair newsletter....

Beattie's Book Blog said...
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Paul said...

What a swell party it was.