Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 4 and 5
March 17-18
San Francisco

Took myself to the airport in LA very early Monday morning. This proved to be a good thing since my ticket wasn’t in the system. While this was sorted by Penguin in NY the hitherto empty airport miraculously filled – suddenly there were queues to the self check- in stations, queues to the baggage drop off, to the security baggage drop off, then one to the escalator leading to the human security check… Watched a young mother having to remove her absolutely flat sandals as well as her baby’s tiny shoes. I wonder what she might have potentially have hidden in those. Mindless security gives me no comfort. (I'm with you on that Linda, is there anywwhere else in the world as appalling as LAX?! I urge everyone to avoid it if they can. Bookman Beattie).

Arrived in San Francisco an hour late, but with time to spend before my evening event, cocktails, dinner and speech - a peculiar order, I thought – I would rather speak before I eat. Not to mention drink. But all went well.
In the morning I did a telephone interview for radio with Writer’s Cast in Connecticut. It’s strange how you can sometimes have instant rapport with a person you will most likely never meet…
Had time to take a long walk down to Fisherman’s Wharf and the Cannery. I am not sure if I am right, but there seems to be fewer people everywhere than when I was here last year. And two independent book stores have closed since, one of them the sorely to be missed Stacey’s.

Spent the afternoon signing stock, driven around by my escort (the literary kind). Some wonderful stores, two claiming to have more business than ever! We carried on to the venue for the evening talk and reading on the other side of the bridge, Book Passage in Corte Madera. Book Passage hosted me in their shop in the ferry Building last time. An important and influential independent store here.
Had an e-mail from my publisher Kathryn Court in NYC telling me that Sonata for Miriam is ‘on the rise’ on the Indie bestselling list – No. 24! Delivered my speech and the reading to an audience of approximately thirty and signed their books as well as stock.
Back at my hotel to pack, off to Seattle first thing tomorrow.

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Lee said...

I am enjoying reading Linda Olsson's posts from the promotional tour, and her novel Sonata for Miriam is brilliant, beautifully written, a must read.