Monday, June 02, 2008


By Joshua Hammer writing in The New York Times this past weekend:

Travel is often a means of escape, and this year’s travel books offer plenty of it. Failed relationships, dead-end jobs and other disappointments infest the current crop like bedbugs in a youth hostel, driving their authors around the globe in search of transformation. The seekers range from bored young drifters to anxiety-stricken middle-agers, motivated by the quixotic hope that cutting loose will stimulate the mind and heal the soul.

Hammer goes on to review seven recent travel books. To read these reviews go to The New York Times online. The books reviewed include Do Travel Writers Go To Hell? by Thomas Kohnstamm who entertained us at the recent Auckland Writers & Readers Festival.

I was greatly taken by the piece of Brian Rea art (above) used to head the New York Times story.

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