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Everybody's included at the Court Theatre

Christchurch's Court Theatre's been acknowledged for making its productions accessible to as many people as possible. 2017 Arts Access Creative New Zealand "Arts For All" Award. It just won the Creative New Zealand Arts For All Award for its policy of inclusion - opening up its work not only to schools, but for people with autism, dementia, blindness and hearing impairments. Last year the Court made all its children's shows "relaxed performances" so audience members don't have to stick to the rules of being still and quiet. Lynn Freeman talks to the Court's Education Manager, Rachel Sears, about how to bring in people who wouldn't usually go to the theatre.
Jul 09, 2017        

22 New Zealand writers talk about the idea of home in a new collection of essays brought together by Thom Conroy. It's called Home: New Writing. Few of these pieces are nostalgic or sentimental in their interpretations of what home means to them. Often home doesn't mean a house, a home town or even a country - but a state of mind. Lynn Freeman talks to editor Thom Conroy and essayist Sarah Jane Barnett.
Jul 09, 2017        

Finn Teppett: obsessions, identity and boy bands

Wellington playwright Finn Teppett has won a stack of awards here and overseas, co-created the popular satire White Man Behind A Desk Live! show, and has a couple of films on the go. This week his latest play opens as part of the Bats Theatre Young and Hungry season in Wellington. Finn descibes One Night Only as an outrageous farce about young people, obsessions, identity and boy bands. Lynn Freeman asked him why, when it's such a struggle to get young people into theatres, Finn wants to write for the stage.
Jul 09, 2017        

The Exponents: Who loves who the most?

TVNZ Sunday Theatre is about to host a drama about one of our most successful pop groups. It's called Dance Exponents: Why does love? and it brought on a huge dollop of nostalgia for at least one of the Standing Room Only team. Simon Morris remembers shooting videos of the Exponents at the start of their career, and talks to producer Carmen Leonard and director Danny Mulheron about turning real life into gripping drama.
Jul 09, 2017        

Choreographer Sarah Foster-Spoull's big plans

Starting a new Auckland based company for New Zealand dance graduates, is one of the top priorities for choreographer Sarah Foster-Sproull, who's won the 2017 Creative New Zealand Choreographic Fellowship. Sarah has just submitted her Masters in Dance Studies thesis through the University of Auckland Dance Studies programme. Over the next two years she's got ambitious plans for new dance work here, as well as collaborations with international dance companies.
Jul 09, 2017        

Rachel House: wahine Maori

Maori actor and director Rachel House is about to add screenwriter and film maker to her impressive CV. She's receiving a Ramai Hayward Directors' Scholarship for wahine Maori from the New Zealand Film Commission, to make her first feature film. Just last month Rachel became an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit and last year she was co-awarded the Women in Film and Television Mana Wahine award, along with Briar Grace Smith. She talks to Lynn Freeman about her feature film dream.
Jul 09, 2017        

Luck of the draw

By 1916, the number of men volunteering to join New Zealand's military forces overseas in the First World war had fallen so dramatically that conscription was brought in. Twenty thousand soldiers had their names effectively pulled out of a hat during monthly ballots. Now eight young artists, dancers, musicians and writers are thinking back to that time, watching historic film footage, and revealling work they've created for an exhibition called Luck of the Draw. Lynn speaks with Libby Masterton, Etanah Lalau and Nathan Joe.
Jul 09, 2017        



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