Saturday, January 14, 2017

Storylines announces changes to its

In 2017, Storylines Children’s Literature Charitable Trust of New Zealand takes an exciting new approach to its long-established Storylines Festival by introducing the Storylines National Festival Story Tour.
Storylines will build on its strong and respected role in the New Zealand literary community with a revamped and re-focused programme of events which will run from April to November 2017. The new annual programme will include a dynamic and exciting interactive tour of presentations, storytelling and performances which will cover the North and South Islands from May to September.

The Storylines National Festival Story Tour will visit community venues and facilities in metropolitan and regional centres, smaller cities and towns, extending Storylines’ regional reach to communities that have not previously had access to their central city-based Family Days.

Dr. Libby Limbrick, Chair of the Storylines Children’s Literature  Charitable Trust of New Zealand says “The Storylines Auckland/South Auckland and Northland Story Tours model has proved very effective.  It’s been a joy to see how taking activities that promote young people’s active engagement with children’s literature directly into schools and community centres has been so well received, and we are looking forward to bringing this experience to many more children across New Zealand this year.”

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