Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Peter Gossage R.I.P.

Peter Gossage

Penguin Random House New Zealand Saddened by Death of Children’s Storyteller and
Illustrator Peter Gossage.

Penguin Random House New Zealand is extremely saddened by the death of its beloved children’s
author and illustrator Peter Gossage, who was responsible for a range of iconic children’s books
based on Maori myths.

Peter Gossage was the storyteller and illustrator of more than 20 picture books for children, and his
powerful retelling and illustrating of Maori myths and legends have captivated New Zealand children and adults alike for generations. Among Peter’s most well-known books were How Maui Slowed the Sun, How Maui Found His Mother and How Maui Found His Father and the Magic Jawbone.

Peter’s first book How Maui-tiki-tiki-a-Taranga Found His Mother was published in 1975. His
graphic illustration style and deceptively simple storytelling made his books a fixture in New Zealand
homes and classrooms. He was a master of retelling important Maori myths, and his combination of
dramatic illustrations with minimal yet evocative text has made his books beloved classics of New
Zealand children’s literature.

Penguin Random House New Zealand Publishing Director, Debra Millar, said: ‘Peter was a gifted
storyteller and illustrator and his stories will never lose their relevancy for New Zealand children.
They bring to life in vibrant colour Maori oral legends and occupy a unique place in New Zealand
children’s literature.’

Many of Peter’s stories have been made into short films that are played on Maori Television.
In 2013, Peter was awarded the Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award for a Much-loved Book for How
Maui Slowed the Sun.

In October, Penguin Random House will publish a special hardback edition of eight of Peter’s
best-loved stories, Maui and Other Maori Legends.

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