Friday, August 12, 2016

Murder they Wrote: The Rise and Rise of #YeahNoir

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The recent rise of independent publishers in New Zealand has seen genre fiction explode. New Zealand crime fiction especially, as the judges of the Ngaio Marsh Crime Fiction Award can attest.
Founded in 2010, with only 7 or 8 books eligible, the range of entries has grown yearly, and in 2016, twenty-nine books were entered into this award. And, of course, the excellent Twitter hashtag #YeahNoir was coined on Twitter, by Steph Soper from the NZ Book Council.

The Christchurch Writer’s Festival (now WORD) have partnered with the Ngaio Marsh Awards since they were founded by Craig Sisterson in 2010. We talked to Sisterson who is now London-based, WORD Festival bookseller Pene Whitty from University Bookshop Canterbury, Peter Riggs from Page & Blackmore in Nelson, and Steph Soper from the NZ Book Council, about the strength of kiwi crime and how it sells. 

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Sam Sattler said...

I love the noir genre and really hope some of the #YeahNoir is available in the U.S. now, or very soon. Noir fiction seems to have exploded all over the world - and I'm loving it.