Monday, August 08, 2016

Lit Hub Daily

·An antidote to clickbait: Why the essay, which foregrounds “questioning rather than certainty, experiment and mistake rather than polish and self-satisfaction,” is today’s ideal literary form. | Los Angeles Times

·“For the most part, motherhood is simply missing from our literary and philosophical tradition, passed over quickly as if it were an embarrassment when it even appears at all.” On the lack of literature about pregnancy and childbirth. | Los Angeles Review of Books

·“It’s a triumph for good books, published with passion.” Speaking with independent publishers whose books have been nominated for the Man Booker Prize. | The Guardian

·On the stones, by the sea: On literary pilgrimages and the fertility of holiday boredom. | The Paris Review

·On “the Anne Frank tropes” in the fiction of Philip Roth, Nathan, Englander and Shalom Auslander. | Signature Reads

·God : hope :: ____ : _____: Samuel Beckett’s SAT questions. | The Point

·Rape culture is just culture-culture: Amy Gentry on agency, victimhood, and rape narratives in Western culture. | Electric Literature

·Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad has been announced as the next selection for Oprah’s Book Club and is available for sale over a month ahead of its original publication date. | CBS

·Forgive me for this awful hurt: Masha Hamilton writers a letter to an ex-lover, on the occasion of his suicide. | Longreads

·“I thought, why not write the book that really scares you?” An interview with Colson Whitehead. | The New York Times
Edmund White on Pale Fire, Nabokov’s “funny and sometimes


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