Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Roundup with PW including Follett Corp. Buys Baker & Taylor

Follett Corp. Buys Baker & Taylor

In a major development in the publishing industry's wholesaling segment, Follett Corp. has acquired Baker & Taylor for an undisclosed price. Follett said B&T will continue to operate as before under the direction of its current president and CEO George Coe. more

Supreme Court Rejects Google Books Appeal
The Supreme Court’s denial caps what has been a decade-long, defining legal drama for publishing in the digital age. more »

'Good Omens' for Television: Neil Gaiman, who co-authored 'Good Omens' with the late Terry Pratchett, will adapt the novel for the small screen.

Dame Dench Named Brontë President: Dame Judi Dench, who played Mrs. Fairfax in the 2011 film adaptation of 'Jane Eyre,' will serve as honorary president of England's Brontë Society.

Podcasts for Poetry: Two new poetic podcasts have launched recently, providing an aural aide for celebrating National Poetry Month.

'Mockingbird' Takes the Stage in Alabama: A theatrical adaptation of Harper Lee's classic sparks an economic kerfuffle in her hometown after her death.

Writers on Books That Left a Mark: Bookmarked, a new series from Ig Publishing, lets writers write about books that inspired them to begin their careers.

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