Monday, April 04, 2016

A month of FSG poetry

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A Month of FSG Poetry
It's National Poetry Month. For the next thirty days we will have poems for you in all shapes and sizes, credos and conceits. And this year, we'll have them for both your eyes and ears. Each day, a friendly bookseller, critic, or publisher will share one of their favorite FSG poems. And, drawing inspiration from John Giornio's classic Dial-A-Poem, each day you will be able to call 949-DIAL-FSG (949-342-5374) to hear our President and Publisher (and poet himself!) Jonathan Galassi recite one of his favorite poems from a recently published collection. We're putting new poems on the answering machine every weekday, so keep calling!

To mark the occasion, we will also be offering to three lucky winners an enviable bundle of poetry from FSG poets both new (Louise Glück, John Koethe, Carl Phillips, Eleanor Chai, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, and Henri Cole) and old (Elizabeth Bishop, Seamus Heaney, John Berryman, and a very special reissue of Marianne Moore's Observations).


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