Friday, June 19, 2015

Invitation to lace up a pair of boots

6/21/2015 via FlaxFlower Reviews

The Smallest Continent – Journeys Through New Zealand Landscapes
by Derek Grzelewski

  The author takes us on a series of seductive discoveries that linger in South Island’s wild and remote landscapes long enough for us to believe we can smell the wood-smoke on the characters that have shaped and been shaped by this un-subdued country. 

    In a kaleidoscope of colour the book guides us through underwater chasms where cetaceans edge close enough for our worlds to merge, and while we can still feel the salt water on our skin we are whisked away to experience Otago gold fever and move on through ever changing landscapes. 
The book is an open invitation to lace up a pair of boots and head for the hills. It is an experience that ought to be compulsory for all pasty faced youths trapped inside the virtual world of touch screens, keypads and video games.

    On a technical note I feel the book could look more professional if the text had been justified and a wider gutter had been provided. Although the cover design is adequate it may not inspire the compulsive purchase of the book and I am still uncertain who are the book’s target readers.

Review by Peter Thomas
Title: The Smallest Continent
Author: Derek Grzelewski
Publisher: Bateman - $34.99
ISBN: 978-1-86953-889-7
Available: Bookshops

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