Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New book explores New Zealand’s healthy and sustainable food evolution

The latest trends in closer-to-home-food systems that are evolving throughout New Zealand including freeganism, foraging, home and community gardens, food sharing and farmers' markets are explored in Christine Dann’s latest book.

FOOD@HOME covers all the latest alternatives to industrial food. It investigates the many ways that people across the nation are producing healthier food in more sustainable ways.

“I wrote this book because I have always had a passionate interest in the creation of healthy, sustainable and fair food systems,” says Christine.

“Lots of other people now care about this too, and want to know how they can get a slice of the action.”

“That's why FOOD@HOME contains both a comprehensive guide to all the wonderful food alternatives currently evolving in New Zealand and an extensive kitchen garden planning guide plus a guide to harvesting and storing home-grown fruit and vegetables correctly.”

“In just one book you can find out what others are doing – and how to do it for yourself.”

Christine spent three years researching FOOD@HOME, travelling the country to meet with expert gardeners and cooks, visiting farmers' markets from Northland to Canterbury, and taking photos on the way.

She has also been gardening and cooking at home for forty years, and FOOD@HOME includes photos of her home garden and the food she makes from it. Each chapter concludes with a delicious recipe that she often makes at home.

Christine has a PhD in environmental policy, and is the author of other books on growing and preparing food Cottage Gardening in New Zealand and A Cottage Garden Cook Book. She teaches informal gardening classes and workshops and shares gardening and cooking information on her blog, The Eco Gardener:

FOOD@HOME was officially launched on last evening at the University Bookshop at the University of Canterbury.

About 60 keen souls braved a chilly Christchurch evening to attend the launch..
Philip King , Gillian Newman and staff as always turned on a warm welcome, with autumn flowers and leaves decorating a table laid with delicious home-made food- see above photo,with author.

The book was launched by permaculture guru Nicole Buhrs, after which Christine and assorted others from the Diamond Harbour Community Choir performed Christine’s new song written for the occasion, ‘The Very Best Food’.

CUP Publisher Rachel notes that this is the third consecutive CUP launch that has included a song from the author ... Geoff Rice set the trend, which was then continued by Paul Maunder ... No pressure, of course ...

 Canterbury University Press, 2012, RRP NZ$35, paperback, ISBN 978-1-927145-03-6.

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