Monday, May 07, 2012

Gallery Taglialatella exhibition focuses on the popular affection and the worship generated by Marilyn Monroe

Art Daily Newsletter
Lawrence Schiller (1936), Marilyn (Color 2 Frame 29), 1962-2007.

PARIS.- During summer 1962, Lawrence Schiller, a 24 year old photographer is contacted by the French magazine Paris Match to make photos of Marilyn Monroe – whose career was falling off at that time – during the shooting of the film Something’s Got to Give. The photographer buckled down to the task without knowing that he immortalized the actress for the last time. Fifty years after, the worship of one of the more famous heroine of the 20th century didn’t lose its intensity. Indeed, 2012 seems to be Marilyn Monroe’s year. First, her famous white dress was sold in auctions. Then, last March, a few unseen photographs of the star have been disclosed. In April, the movie My week with Marilyn will come out and the Cannes’ Festival have chosen the iconographical image of the star for its 65th edition. More than never, the icon of the American movies seems more than ever present in the public consciousness, even fifty years after the day she died on August ... More

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